Valentine's day

Given that this year’ Valentine’s day is falling on Sunday, what can a girl surely love???

My Ideal Valentines

Lock down Sundays have all been about self care and I surely wouldn't mind being served breakfast in bed on a personalized wooden lap tray. Whatever is put on the menu I will definitely love.

One thing about me is I love my tea black and having it served on the lap tray on top of a set of beautiful bamboo made coasters that are engraved with sentiment messages is just a bonus.

And there after I will take a long hot bath, soaked in the amazing Pink Himalayan Salts. All thanks to Obsessories for collaborating with Yoz Beauty. Just incase you missed the memo, for every lap tray that was sold, free 600g bath salts from Yolz Beauty were received. 

What is Valentines Day without Chocolates, I mean the Chocolates (The one and only Ferrero Rochers), these were put inside a wooden letter M box and decorated with roses.

Now that I have my laptray that came with bath salts, my coasters, letter M box filled with goodies, earrings with a jewellery box, am more than content to say I have had the most ideal Valentine's...

But 1 more thing, what COVID has taught me is that when all is done and gone, we are left with nothing but memories. Therefore I will spend the afternoon going down memory lane with those that mean the world to me. We will look back and laugh at all the crazy moments that we have gone through and created, we will sing and dance to our favourite songs and above it all, I will have all these stored up and kept safe for me to always look back on, smile yet again and be forever for a life worth lived.

Of the things listed above with ones is your all time favorite regardless of a season???





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