We rise by lifting others

If you are an entrepreneur based in Eswatini,  you would know that this October has pretty much been about an ask, another ask that leads to another ask. We have asked for engagement in the form of sales, social media following, likes and comments. Some award nominated businesses have asked for votes, whilst others are asking for reviews.

Running with the flow, Today I have yet another ask,  Can you be obsessed with giving out value, impact and lifting someone up?

Whilst you ponder on that, I have since realised that in creating the biggest movement, its so much more than one person, so much more than one tribe as we all need each other.
We are one city,
one country,
one world
and we are not segregated.

Hence as a way of giving out value,  impact and lifting someone, we want to plug you to yet another small local business called Golden Scent by Inuka. We won't say much about them else we ruin the surprise 😮. So the first 200 orders placed on our website from today, will each receive a sample of the goodness that Golden Scent offers.

The motivation behind the concept

As you use this lotion be reminded of the following

Many a times the culture of supporting a fellow woman in business is non exist. We work over time to bring another down, and celebrate their downfall. We envy success and we love being in the spotlight all alone. As toxic is it can get, we have failed to realise that what you hold on to, holds and wears you down, meaning you can't move forward.
They say, If you want to keep someone  down, and make sure that they don't rise, you need to sit down with them, because there is no other way to keep them down. Are we not tired of self sabotaging, course that is what it is.  If I pull you down, I have to be down there with you, else if I let you go, naturally the reflex in you will cause you to rise, just like a spring that's been pulled down, the pull will be the force that will push it over the limit.
Today may I challenge you to celebrate another women or men not because of what's in it for me, but because of the spirit of oneness.

As we support others and each other, we all cease to co-exist but we all strive.

Happy Shopping Obsessors !!!

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Dec 27, 2021

This is beautiful ❤ we do rise by lifting others up. Thank you for this Faith

Dec 27, 2021

True that darling 😘


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