Our Philosophy

Our obsessories, (accessories that you will surely be obsessed about ) are designed and made in Kwaluseni, Eswatini by our team of qualified craftsmen. Each piece represents our family values of quality, honesty and simplicity.

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We rise by lifting others

If you are an entrepreneur based in Eswatini,  you would know that this October has pretty much been about an ask, another ask that leads to another ask. We have asked for engagement in the form of sales, social media following, likes and comments. Some award nominated businesses have asked for votes, whilst others are asking for reviews. Running with the flow, Today I have...

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Obsessories Customer Loyalty Program

If you a quite familiar with our website, by now you should have noticed a deep red cart icon with a love symbol (mobile app view) or the same but worded rewards (Desktop view) on the left hand side of your screens. Welcome to our Obsessories Customer Loyalty Program we call the “Obsesser’s Rewards”.   Here we reward clients who repeatedly interact with the brand...

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Valentine's day

Given that this year’ Valentine’s day is falling on Sunday, what can a girl surely love??? My Ideal Valentines Lock down Sundays have all been about self care and I surely wouldn't mind being served breakfast in bed on a personalized wooden lap tray. Whatever is put on the menu I will definitely love. One thing about me is I love my tea black and having it served on...

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