Who Are We?

Established in October 2018, Crown of A natural set out itself to be thee brand in the forefront for braided hair extensions and hair products, ethnic accessories by Swazis for all the beautiful women across the globe.

Crown of A natural is a proud Swazi brand that celebrates women of colour, and our collection is inspired by the beauty of natural hair ( The art of self-acceptance).

Our business line transcends from how to take care of our kinks and coils to the protective hairstyles in the form of wigs and accessorizing ourselves with wooden masterpiece earrings.



Our wigs, that act as protective styling to the “naturalistas”, are a must have accessory for all women, And these range from synthetic hair, to kanekalon hair, to 100% human hair and lastly the virgin hair with the price points beginning from as low as E400.00 (approx. US$26)



Apart from being inspired by natural hair the Africa in us is difficult to hide in our merchandise. As seen from wide range of Africa inspired earrings. Our ethnic earrings are solely made from wood, and they are painted to various colours. Their price point ranges from E60 to E120.00

Hence it is our mission to instil dignity and boost clients self esteem as we help women to embrace their African beauty, the natural hair and ethic styles by transforming these natural aspects to creative accessories.

After 2 years in operation we gave birth to the mother of all wooden accessories and we called her Obsessories. Her name is a combination of 2 words that describe the expected end result from our clients, upon receiving the “accessory” that you longed for, you will automatically be “obsessed” about. So if you see yourself coming back for more, just know that we are indeed living up to our expectations.


As you go through our website, be reminded that our accessories are designed and made in Kwaluseni, Eswatini by our team of qualified craftsmen. And each piece represents our family values of quality, honesty and simplicity.

Welcome to our world…………….



Dec 27, 2021

I remember very well, I first bought a Bamboo key holder for someone and that person loved it.

Sive Shabangu
Oct 18, 2021

I love the way your pieces are neat its amazing, shows that you put time into each.

Oct 18, 2021

I would like to order a Mnguni tray

Oct 18, 2021

I would like to order something


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