Crown of a Natural

Satin Pillow Tie

SZL 180.00 SZL 180.00

Are you one of those ladies who doesn't fancy wearing a doek or bonnet when you sleep but so happen not to own a satin pillowcase? If so this is the product for you. Introducing our very own range of the satin pillowties. .
These are perfect for your standard sized pillows and they come in the 3 colours. The black, Olympic blue and pink. Get yourself a reversable satin pillowtie. .

Benefits of sleeping on this satin pillowtie are
1. Keeps Hair Shiny & in Place #nofrizzyhair
2. Prevent Hair Loss
3. Eliminates Facial Folds & Reduces Wrinkles
4. Protect Brows & Lashes
5. Clears the Complexion